Join a Band!

LiveJam is a opportunity for talented students who want an immersive performance experience. You'll work in a hands-on inspiring environment learning real performance techniques and the complexities of being in a band. Focus is on collaboration, fun and getting your band ready for a live concert performance.

The Program

BAND MEMBERS: vocalists, a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and a pianist.

You will meet every two weeks for two hours. A professional guitarist and drummer will expertly coach you in the art of playing in a rock-solid rhythm section!

You will meet on the opposite weeks for two hours. You'll develop live performance techniques and learn all the elements of singing with a band.

After three sessions of training, instrumentalists and vocalists will come together for three sessions of band rehearsals. Then your band gets an opportunity to perform live for family and friends.

Since there is a limited and competitive enrollment,
it is essential that accepted participants be
dedicated to the program. There will be high expectations for you  to learn the material and
practice regularly at home. This is what a
professional musician does in his or her band(s).


You will audition for your private teacher during your regularly scheduled lesson.


  1. Play or sing one piece of choice. (Your private teacher must approve the piece.)

  2. Play or sing: one major scale of choice, one minor scale of choice and two arpeggios of choice.

  3. Sight and clap an 8-bar notated rhythm exercise.

Gear Requirements

Guitarist and bassist, just show up with your instrument. We provide drums, keyboard, amplifiers and patch cables. If you would like to use your own electronic keyboard, bring it. Drummers need to bring sticks.

We provide dynamic microphones and patch cables. If you have your own microphone, please bring it.

Allegro Music will supply all of the music and charts you'll need to learn your songs.


The fee for the entire program is $360. This includes six 2-hour sessions at Allegro Music at a cost of $60 per session. Live concert performance, photos and video are also included.

The fee must be paid in full the week prior to the start of the workshop. This is to ensure that selected students are committed to the program.


Allegro Music