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Remo World Drums for Kids -- Take your child on a journey to far-away places

Give children music made around the world, and they will begin what could be a lifetime discovery of other cultures and countries. Remo's terrific collection of world hand drums are real drums designed and constructed especially for children. Your kids will be drawn to their interesting shapes, sizes, colours, and sounds.

The drums featured here have received the prestigious Oppenheimer "Best Toy Award," signifying that they are safe, well-made, and educational. Ages: 3+

Kid's KongaKid's Konga

The kid's Konga plays the cutting Latin rhythms of an adult conga drum at a fraction of the size. It stands 15 inches tall and is 6.5 inches across, making it a standing drum for toddlers and/or a carrying drum for anyone older. It is durable and never needs tuning.



Kid's DjembeKid's Djembe

(pronounced jem-bay)
This African drum's unique conical shape allows it to produce three distinct sounds:

-play in the middle of the head for a deep bass tone
-play off-centre for a mid-tone
-play at the edge for a high-pitched tone.

It comes with an adjustable, removable carrying strap. Called the "magical" drum, the djembe has been used for centuries in West Africa at social events and celebrations accompanying song and dance.

Size: 14 inches high x 8-inch diameter 

Kid's Floor TomKid's Floor Tom Tom

The Tom Tom is an exotic, colourful drum for the floor or tabletop. Your child can stand or sit as she or he dances the rhythms around, just like in a Native American pow-wow. Play with two rubber-head mallets (included) or play with hands.

Diameter: 7.5 inches x 10 inches

Kid's BongosKid's Bongos

Kids love to play these Cuban-design bongos! Kids can tap them with their fingertips, use their palms, or both. And enjoy the two different pitches from the two head sizes.

Diameter: 6.5 inches x 5, 6 inches



Kid's Lollipop DrumKid's Lollipop Drum

Delicious sound on a handle! The lollipop is a "frame" drum based on a drum design originating in ancient Africa and Japan. The child holds the drum in one hand while playing it with the mallet (included) or by hand. It comes in three sizes and sounds: small/high, medium/mid, large/low. The large (shown) is 10 inches across.


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