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Bells and Jingles

Great instruments to spark a youngster's interest in percussion!

Bells and Jingles Imagine children dancing around with these delightfully jingly bells. And they are contagious. Jingle one and someone is bound to join you! Bells will capture a child's imagination in movement, listening, and playing. The wrist bells have a velcro closure for a secure fit and easy manipulation for little fingers.

Ages 3+

Wow Earth Bell The beautiful-sounding Wow Earth Bell chime is tuned to D flat, said to be the "tone of the Earth." Children will play to see how "long" a sound they can make. It comes with a rubber mallet and a child can easily vary the sound by covering and uncovering the sound hole with his/her thumb.

Size: 6 inches x 1 1/8 inches

Triangle Recreate ethnic Brazilian sound with a triangle! It features an easy-to-grip handle.

The bright "ding" delights all, so your child might just find Mom and Dad wanting to play this, too!
Ages 2+

LP Aspire E-Z Grip Cowbell Made of steel, the E-Z Grip bell has a pure bite, but not too harsh. Children can vary the sound by placing their entire hand or individual fingers on the surface while striking. The 7.5-inch bell features a wooden handle and beater.

Ages 3+.

Tambourines These plastic-shell half-moon tambourines have a narrow handle with a hand grip, making them perfect for children (and adults too!). Teach kids to keep the beat by tapping on the heel of their hand or on their knee.
Other shapes: stars and circles

Ages 3+


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