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Maracas and Shakers

Kids want to shake something and make noise! They want to play music. Shake percussion instruments are played intuitively and therefore increase spontaneity and creativity. Play them along with a favourite song or rhyme. Make up a dance. Take turns or dance together!

Egg Shakers Adorable egg shakers are the perfect instrument for very young children. And they are used by professional musicians, too! Experiment with your child and shake them quickly, slowly, loudly, softly, and even in a circle for different sounds. Or play hide and seek. Where did they go?
Ages 2+
Chikitas and Maracas Chickitas are "egg shakers on a stick" used in place of maracas. They are perfect for baby hands as they begin to grasp new objects. The wood chikitas create a softer, warmer sound than the lively plastic ones and are just as fun.
Ages 2+
Traditional painted wood maracas come in different sizes and last for years of shaking to favourite songs. 
Ages 3+
An instrument native to South America, the bamboo rain stick is just like the traditional ones used to bring rain to barren fields. As you turn the stick from end to end, the fill material inside cascades down a series of "steps," and the "rain" falls and falls and falls. The sound is so real your child will be jumping through make-believe puddles! Both children and adults are captivated by the soothing sound of falling rain. Changing the degree of incline alters the sound from sparse droplets to torrents of rain.
Size: shown is 24 inches
Ages 2+
This fascinating instrument is popular with kids because of its unique sound and variety of textures. You play by rubbing the palm of your hand across the steel beads or by shaking the instrument maracas-style. The mini cabasa is smaller and higher-pitched than the regular-size cabasa. It's easier and more comfortable for children to play.

Original cabasas were made from coconut shells and seeds strung with wire. Very fragile!


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