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More Rhythm Percussion

All kids can make music. The earlier in life they start, the better.

Wood and Sand Blocks Kids love the "clip-clop" sounds they can make with these lightweight, hardwood blocks. They're perfect for creating horse sound effects like galloping and trotting. Hold the block in one hand and use the other to strike it with the mallet.
Ages: 4+
Sand Blocks are wooden paddles covered with long-lasting, fine-sounding sandpaper. Rub and clack the paddles together to create a variety of rhythmic patterns.
Ages: 3+

Fish-shaped Guiro

A guiro is a traditional instrument from South and Central America. Create sound by scraping the corrugated surface up and down in long or short strokes. A child can scrape along happily to his or her favourite songs.

The original guiros were made from a carved gourd vegetable. The modern wood version shown has a cute fish shape and bright painted colours that will appeal to the inner beat of every child.
Ages: 3+

Rythm Sticks

Rhythm sticks provide an inexpensive way to teach children to "keep the beat." One stick is smooth; the other is serrated. Rubbing them together creates a fun scraping sound. Just the right size for little hands -- rub, roll, and tap in many fun ways! Durable and dishwasher safe.
Ages: 3+
Claves Claves are two tuned musical pieces of rosewood played by banging together. This instrument is perfect for group play as its sound complements other instruments nicely. The large claves have a deeper, louder sound than the little claves.

Small size shown here: Ages 3+
Large: ages 4+

Angel Xylophones

Bright, colourful, and safe, a 25-note xylophone is ideal for a child's first introduction to music. The xylophone is built to endure the roughest of play while developing motor skills and basic music harmony. It has collapsible legs and comes with a case and two mallets.

Length: 16 inches    Weight: 1.4 kg


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