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Give your child a head start in life

The word is out! Music lesson rooms are places where kids celebrate creativity, learn cooperation and discipline, and gain self-esteem through the joy of music-making. It's a fact: kids who make music are more successful in society and life.

Although the hours spent practicing for a weekly music lesson or preparing for a performance are well worth the obvious outcomes -- enjoyment, success, and recognition -- it is now known that this training has far-reaching personal and social benefits. When kids make music, they:

  • develop muscles that improve small motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and poise
  • find creative potential -- they become aware of their capabilities by using imagination and self-expression
  • develop personal and social skills -- build confidence, self-discipline, and responsibility. Kids learn to meet challenges, work for and cooperate with others.
  • prepare for the future -- kids learn time management, goal setting, and become better communicators.

And the earlier a child starts making music, the better.

Did you know?

Thirty minutes of daily music instruction for one year was credited for increased perceptual-motor skills and creative thinking tests on first-grade students.

Did you know?

At-risk children who participated in an arts program that included music showed significant increases in overall self-concept.

Did you know?

Secondary students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs).

Did you know?

College-age musicians are emotionally healthier than their non-musician counterparts. A study conducted at the University of Texas looked at 362 students in their first semester of college. They were given three tests measuring performance anxiety, emotional concerns, and alcohol-related problems. In addition to having fewer battles with the bottle, researchers also noted that the college-aged music students seemed to have surer footing when facing tests.

Did You know?

The very best engineers and technical designers in the computer industry are practicing musicians.



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