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Buying Your First Guitar


Your choice is personal -- which guitar sounds and looks best to you, which is comfortable to play, which meets your performance needs and your budget.

Check out the "action"

Low action means the strings are close to the fingerboard and easier to press down. High action means the strings are high off the fingerboard and more difficult to press down. It's a personal preference. Some players prefer the lowest action possible, while others prefer the increased tension and richer sound of higher action. Very high action is NOT desirable for beginners -- you'll end up with sore fingers and frustration.


Unless you are a musician, you are probably not familiar with guitar brands. So you must be able to trust the people who help you buy a guitar. We select our guitar brands based on quality, durability, value, and reliability.

Left-handed players

Jimi HendrixLefty? You have something in common with some of the planet's greatest guitarists: Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, Albert King, and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) are lefties! The pic shows Jimi Hendrix in action playing his left-handed guitar.

If you have never played guitar before:
We suggest that you try to learn to play the way a right-handed person would. Why? Many students adapt because it's your left hand that is doing the intricate chording on the fingerboard. Also, most music books are written for right-handed players.

If you have started playing left-handed:
No worries. You can buy a left-handed guitar. However, your model and colour options will be limited, and you can expect to pay more.



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