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Digital Pianos - bring the sound of a Concert Grand to your home

Yamaha Digital PianoA digital piano emulates the sound, tone, and touch of a traditional acoustic piano while providing the versatility of modern electronic features. To closely resemble an acoustic-piano feel, some digital piano keys are weighted, and may have a "hammer" mechanism that mechanically imitates the action of a piano key. With a clean and simple design (fewer buttons and gadgets than on a portable keyboard), these instruments deliver the finest digitally-recorded piano sounds you can get.

Some digital pianos look like a traditional upright piano complete with a stand, pedals and stylish wood-grain cabinet. If you need more portability and less of the furniture look, there are sleek "stage" digital pianos.


Why buy a digital piano instead of an acoustic piano?

Less expensive

Never needs tuning

Easily moved

You can use headphones

Connect to your computer

Select a different voice -- make your piano sound like an organ, violin, harpsichord and more.

Split the keyboard -- play one instrument with your left hand and another with your right

Transpose to a different key  -- a vocalist's dream come true.

Record and playback your performance

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