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Accessorize It!


Harmonica holderHarmonica Holder

For all you harmonica and guitar/keyboard players out there ... this thing fits around your neck for hands-free playing. It features a fully adjustable, all-metal, lightweight design.

Danelectro Honeytone Mini Amp

Danelectro Honeytone mini ampThe perfect portable amp for harmonica players! Great clean or overdriven sound ... volume, tone and overdrive controls. It's powered by a 9-volt battery (included) or Danelectro adapter. Available in Nifty Aqua, Daddy O Yellow, and Beatnik Burgundy.


Harmonica pickupHarmonica Pickup

Let yourself be heard! The harmonica pickup is a good alternative for those who find holding a larger harmonica microphone a struggle. The harmonica is clipped into the front of the microphone and can even be used one-handed if necessary.

Replacement Reed plates

Replacement reedplatesWhy throw out your whole harmonica just because a reed has become fatigued? Replacement reed plates in every key are featured in Lee Oskar harmonicas. Hohner also makes replacement reed plates which are suitable for any Hohner Modular System harmonica.


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