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Digital Pianos - bring the sound of a Concert Grand to your home

A digital piano emulates the sound, tone and touch of a traditional acoustic piano while providing the versatility of modern electronic features. To closely resemble acoustic-piano feel, some digital piano keys are weighted, and may even have a "hammer" mechanism that mechanically imitates the action of a piano key. Aiming for a clean and simple design (less buttons and gadgets than on a portable keyboard), these high-quality instruments deliver the finest digitally-recorded piano sounds you can get.

Some digital pianos are geared toward the traditional function of acoustic pianos in homes. These models come integrated with a stand and pedals, and have a stylish wood-grain cabinet to fit in nicely with your home decor. If you need more portability and less of the furniture look, there are sleek "stage" digital pianos as well.

Find out how wonderful these digital pianos are. Visit our store and run your fingers over the keys of a few models from music technology leaders Yamaha and Roland.

Yamaha Digital Piano  

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