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CB Percussion Starter Drum Kit

Everyone begins somewhere! The CB Percussion starter drum kit is one of the finest "budget entry-level" kits available. It is excellent value for money, based on CB Percussion's more than 30 years experience in making drums.

This is a 5-piece standard kit, which includes: (measurements are in inches)

  • bass drum (15 X 22)

  • floor tom (16 X 16)

  • two mounted toms (9 X 12 and 10 x 13)

  • matching wood snare (5.5 X 14)

CB Percussion starter Drum Set

The hardware is sturdy and includes:

  • snare drum stand

  • double-braced hi-hat cymbal stand

  • double-braced straight cymbal stand

  • double-braced cymbal boom stand

  • a dual-spring bass drum pedal

  • drum stool

The setup also includes a pair of hi-hat cymbals and a crash/ride cymbal -- now you have the best value starter kit on the market today.

It's available in 5 great finishes: black, silver, emerald green, midnight blue (shown above) and
wine red (shown below).

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of drumsticks, get out there and make some noise!


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