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Buying Your First Guitar


So you're thinking about buying your first guitar and you don't know where to begin. The best way to choose is to play a few guitars in your price range. If you don't know how to play yet, we'll play the guitar for you so that you can step back and listen to the sound. Your choice is very personal -- which guitar sounds and looks best to you, which is comfortable to play, which meets your performance needs and your budget. Here are some tips.

New or used?

There's no rule about whether a new or used instrument is a better investment for your first guitar. Here are pros and cons about the options we offer at Allegro Music:

If you're a beginner, is a new guitar the best investment?
Pro: Many first-time buyers come into our store thinking that they can't afford a new guitar, and if they buy a used guitar, it will be less expensive and a "better deal." The great news is that affording a good quality new guitar is easier than ever. With today's technology, top brand manufacturer's are making inexpensive entry-level guitars which are durable, stay in tune, sound beautiful and are easy to play. You'd be surprised how well they perform. And, your new guitar comes with a factory warranty as proof of the manufacturer's commitment to quality. Two words: No Grief!

Con: New guitars can be more expensive than used guitars of the same quality.

If you're a beginner, is a used guitar the best investment?
Pro: These guitars are usually trade-ins or purchases from other Allegro Music customers and can be less expensive than new guitars. The price depends on many factors, like how old the guitar is, scratches and dents, etc. Used guitars have been shop-checked by our technicians.

Con: As far as purchasing a used guitar from a private party, there are some good buys out there. For example, if someone needs to part with a quality $1000 guitar for say $250, it's worth it to buy used. But it takes a careful eye and years of experience to properly evaluate a used instrument with regard to tonal potential and hidden defects. The guitar may look good, but a warped neck, cracks, faulty tuners (the list goes on) can make it difficult to play. It may also be the wrong size for you. If you have no prior hands-on experience with guitars, go shopping with an experienced player. Or, Allegro Music would be happy to inspect (at no cost) any used guitar you are thinking of buying.

A word on brands

Unless you are a musician, you are probably not familiar with guitar brands. Therefore, it's important for you to be able to trust the people who help you buy your guitar. We've been in business for over 40 years and have a reputation for fine products and for treating people well. We select our new guitar brands based on quality, durability, value and reliability. But when it comes to sound and looks, and that sense of just being the "right" guitar -- trust yourself!


Are you left-handed? Or are you buying a guitar for someone who is left-handed? Then read this.

The bottom line

Buying a guitar is an investment in your creative future. Take your time. Ask questions. Buy the very best you can afford. You will play better and develop quicker on a good quality guitar. We share your love of music and want to help you find the right guitar.



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