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Kid's Guitars


A guitar is a great way to introduce children to making music. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument improves the spatial reasoning skills kids need to tackle language, math and science. And music is fun! It's such a thrill for a child when he or she gets that first guitar.

Typically, a 13- or 14-year old is ready for a full-size guitar. This age is only a guideline and will vary from person to person. Yamaha, Cort and Samick make excellent starter full size guitars. You'll find details on these brands in our Guitars section.

All kids can make music!  

Kid's guitars come in different sizes.Allegro Music offers a selection of smaller size guitars, ideal for getting younger children started. The construction, playability and sound are of the same quality as that of a full-size guitar.

It is very important that children have a guitar sized properly for them. While a guitar that is too large can be an effort just to hold, one that is too small can be awkward as well. Feel free to bring your child to the store and we'll be happy to find the right size for a proper fit.



Kid's guitars have EASY-TO-PLAY features\

Correct proportions -- to fit a child's hands and body size. Comfortable!

Nylon strings -- don't hurt little fingers

Strings are close to the fingerboard -- Easier to press!



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