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  Live Sound

Live Sound


A sound system amplifies and controls the sound an audience hears during a live performance as well as the sound that the performers themselves hear on stage. You may have heard a sound system referred to as a public address (P.A.) system.

What kind of sound system do you need?

It depends on the type of music you play, the needs of the audience, and the room where you will perform. A basic sound system consists of some combination of a microphone, a mixer or powered mixer, power amplifier, loudspeakers, monitors and cables. Whether you're a solo performer or a band that needs the sonic heft to fill a small club, an organization that would like to own a system for your public events, or a school wanting to cover a small classroom or large auditorium with intelligible sound, we have high-quality components to suit your budget and create the sound for your audience.

Peavey Escort Portable Sound System

Why use a powered mixer instead of a unpowered mixer?
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