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Choosing a Keyboard

Today's keyboards are versatile enough to grow with any musician's needs.


You may also hear portable keyboards referred to as
"auto arrangers," "personal keyboards," or "workstations."


These days there are more portable keyboards than ever to choose from, each packed with features and gadgets, some with every imaginable bell and whistle! So how do you decide which best suits your needs? First you'll have to consider your budget. Then ask yourself how you want to use your keyboard, because this will determine which features you really need:

  • Am I mostly interested in a piano substitute to learn to play?

  • Will I be using the keyboard simply to practice and improve?

  • Will I be writing songs? Performing live?

  • Do I want to record my compositions?

  • Am I using this keyboard to teach students at home or school?



Don't forget to factor in how you might improve over time. The features that seem complicated at first will become less so as you learn your way around the keyboard.

As you browse this section you'll learn about the common keyboard features, step by step, and become a confident, knowledgeable shopper. Then bring your "wish list" to Allegro Music and you'll be sure to find a keyboard that's just right.



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